Land Transfers

These are the land transactions with tax stamps recorded at the Yancey County Register of Deeds office between Nov. 21, 2011 and Dec. 9, 2011. The value is determined based on the taxes paid.

Nov. 21, 2011, $377,500, Janet B Hogshead revocable trust to the Robert E Walton revocable trust, lot 62, Overlook Village at Blue Mountain.
Nov. 22, 2011, $100,000, Broward Partnership for the Homeless, Broward County, Joan Leslie Nicholas Foundation Inc, Gildas Club South Florida, Hope South Florida, Shepherds Way Inc., to Johnny Dewayne Ayers,  20 acres off Letterman Road, Green Mountain.
Nov. 23, 2011, $4,532,13, Donny Laws, acting as commissioner for Yancey County, to Charles B. Harris, two acres on Wilson Star Creek.
Nov. 23, 2011, $130,000, Doris P. Lunsford to Willard and Reagan Ann Willix, 1.6 acres Lot 3, Peacock Mountain subdivision, Burnsville.
Nov. 23, 2011, $75,000, Steven and Beverly Wilson to Alvin and Russell Garner, 20 acres off Little Creek Road.
Nov. 23, 2011, $6,000, Ryan Powell to Walter and Sharon Wiley, .26 acre in Cane River Township.
Nov. 23, 2011, $154,000, Virginia Crocker to Robert and Lynda White, .60 acre in South Toe Township.
Nov. 28, 2011, $220,000, James and Mary Penley to Brandon and Isabella Peterson, lot 8 and 9, the Reserve.
Nov. 29, 2011, $26,000, heirs of Willie Dale Autrey to Karen and Kurtis Ziegelmeier, 2.5 acres, South Toe Township.
Nov. 29, 2011, $475,000, the Peggy W. Burgin Revocable Trust to Teresa Bryant, 43.92 acres off Doan Town Road.
Nov. 30, 2011, $115,000, Norval and Deborah Renaldo to Rebecca Vinson, .422 acre, 320 Deep Gap Road.
Nov. 30, 2011, $141,000, Communication Land Investments LLC to USCOC of Greater NC LLC, Mica Springs Road.
Nov. 30, 2011, $184,000, Hickory Branch Properties Inc., to James and Marjorie Powers, two tracts, Riverside at Carolina Keep, Brush Creek.
Nov. 30, 2011, $245,000, James and Grace Simmons to Sherry and Paul Sherman, 15 acres off Rock Creek Road.
Dec. 7, 2011, $175,000, Reed and Nancy Wilson to Tommie Fender, 21.5 acres off Lickskillet Road.
Dec. 7, 2011, $18,000, Baden Family Trust to Mario and Tanya Cifaldi, 1.2 acre off Winter Star Road.
Dec. 8, 2011, $50,000, Paul Prince to Gregory and Patsy Fowler, 1.103 acre off U.S. 19W, Ramseytown.
Dec. 9, 2011, $100,000, TD Bank NA to the Edward W. Franco Revocable Trust, .868 acre, lot 15, Settlers Edge, Mountain Air.
Dec. 9, 2011, $8,000, Roger and Amanda Ogle to Lois Laws, 1 acre off Browns Creek Road.
Dec. 9, 2011, $120,000, Samuel and Shirley Stewart to Mary Jane’s Bakery Cafe Inc., lots 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13, block 2, Grandview Addition, Burnsville.
Dec. 9, 2011, $24,000, Danny Lawrence Radford to Kenneth and Anna Ramsey, lot 22, Wray Villa subdivision, Price’s Creek.

These are the land transfers with tax stamps recorded at the Register of Deeds office from Oct. 17-Nov. 17. The value is determined from the amount of the tax stamp, unless otherwise noted.

Oct. 17,   $66,094.90, Susan Benoit, commissioner, and Fidelity Bank, Witchita, Kansas, 3 Rustic Country Drive.
Oct. 17, $10,000, Russell and Tabitha Wilson to Antonio and Juan Guerrero, 1.07 acre, Lot 8 in a subdivision for Marilyn Angell, Burnsville.
Oct. 17,  $1,981.99, Donny Laws, commissioner, to Yancey County via Commissioner’s Deed, one acre off Prices Creek Road.
Oct. 17,  $2,724.25, Donny Laws, commissioner, to Yancey County via Commissioner’s Deed, one acre off Prices Creek Road. A parcel in Jacks Creek, deed book 149, page 179.
Oct. 17,  $2,090.13, Donny Laws, commissioner, to Yancey County via Commissioner’s Deed, lot 7, Sugarloaf Mountain Estates,
Oct. 18,  $30,000, the Frances M. Hamilton Revocable Living Trust to Roger B. Grinnell, 3 acres in South Toe township.
Oct. 18,  $60,000, Joseph Johnson to Stephen Femiano and Liming Xu, 4.8 acres on U.S. 19, Cane River.
Oct. 18,  $23,500, the Ronald S. Tichenor Revocable Trust to Bear Track Enterprises LLC, 3.29 acres in Crabtree township.
Oct. 18,  $5,000, Shirley Pate to Cartie Lee Pate Jr., .91 acre, Crabtree township.
Oct. 19,  $137,500, Trustees for Halls Chapel Baptist Church and Misty R. Huffman, 5.195 acres and 3.196 acres in South Toe.
Oct. 19, $10,000, Shannon and Jamie Honeycutt and Bobby James Robinson to Foxfire Real Estate LLC, .9 acre off U.S. 19E, Crabtree township.
Oct. 20,  $130,000, Ada Tracy to James and Mary Ann Harley, 5 acres on Charlie’s Creek in Ramseytown township.
Oct. 20,  $175,000, Sandra Gibbs to Joann W. Collins, unit 1C, Seven Pines Townhomes, Burnsville.
Oct. 20,  $280,000, Davy LLC to Robert Brewster and Brenda Bennet, 19.75 acres and 2.135 acres on Crabtree Creek.
Oct. 21,  $211,500,  James and Helen Ray, to N.C. Department of Transportation, right of way on U.S. 19E in the Crabtree township.
Oct. 24,  $25,000, Maxine and Alan Van Cooper to Trustee of the Nesmith Family Trust, 1.58 acre on NC state road 1113.
Oct 25,  $75,000,  heirs of Willie Dale Autrey to David Autrey and Martha Autrey, 1.37 acre on Upper Brown’s Creek Road, South Toe township.
Oct. 26,  $240,000, Sarah Weiss Powell Revocable Trust to Fern Powell, Crabtree township.
Oct. 27,  $6,500, Susan Hayden to Michael E. Rutkowsky, ½ interest in .87 acre and 1.42 acre on Bald Creek, Cane River township.
Oct. 28,  $20,000, Janina Carpenter and Joseph Riddle to Charles and Sadie Dubois, 1 acre on State Road 1155, South Toe township.
Oct. 31,  $7,500, Wolf Laurel Property Owners Association to Michael and Beth Sheerin, Lot 143, Wolf Laurel Heights.
Nov. 2,  $158,000, Paul and Judith Ewing to Mets Clinical Division, Inc., 2 acres, Sled Runner Road.
Nov. 2,  $100,000, heirs of Joann Bradford Hicks to James William Winders, .49 acre, Mountain View Drive.
Nov. 3,  $4,67.63, Donny Laws, commissioner to Norman Rabek, 270 Tearshirt Lane, Mars Hill.
Nov. 4,  $295,000, William and Susan Allen to J. Lee Lehman and Margaret Meister, lot 20, Mount Mitchell Lands West, South Toe township.
Nov. 4,  $238,000, Louis and Mary Johnson to Lynda and Lawrence Blelloch, 37.14 acres off Dover Branch Road, South Toe.
Nov. 7,  $107,000, Brian and Linda Knopp to Michael and Teal Fyrberg, 8.91 acees off Riddle Branch, Egypt township.
Nov. 8,  $130,000, the Dan Fox Thompson and Camille M. Thompson Trust Agreement to Margaret Carroll, 1.44 acre in Green Mountain township.
Nov. 8,  $10,000, Wolf Laurel Property Owners Association to Gary Frese, Lot 4, Overlook Village.
Nov. 9,  $1,050, The Joint Revocable Trust of John T Moore and Jani Moore to Lewis M. Gill Jr., unit 4, Hemlock Bluff Villas Condominium, Mountain Air Country Club.
Nov, 9,  $4,500, Shoal Pond Land LLC to the Jaume Family Revocable Living Trust, 1.3 acre, Crabtree township.
Nov. 10, $100,000, Howard Peterson to Morris Lee Peterson and Brenda Peterson, three tracts in Grand View Addition, town of Burnsville.
Nov. 15,  $33,500, the heirs of Joan Hooker to Kevin Fizgerald, 2.661 acres on Bear Pen Road.
Nov. 15,  $290,500, Dennis and Toni Hawthorn to George Jr. and Gail Hartman, lot 45, South Turkey Toe Rover Development.
Nov. 16,  $47,000, Wells Fargo Bank to Raymond and Dyana Hagmaier, lot 148, Rockyknow, Mountain Air Country Club.
Nov. 17,  $46,000, US Bank to Donald and Deborah Herman, 8.4 acres, 9933 Double Island Road, Green Mountain.
Nov. 17,  $30,000, Ben and Earlene Hensley to Michael and Heather Dale, 2 acres in Burnsville.

These are the land transactions with tax stamps filed at the Yancey County Register of Deeds office between Sept. 19, 2011, and Oct. 14, 2011. Value is determined from the taxes paid on the transaction.

Sept. 19, 2011, $85,000, Robert Steven Anglin and Monica Anglin to Roxanna and Lon Austin, 7.623 acres, Banks Creek Road
Sept. 22, 2011, $74,000, Steve and Linda Biddix to Angie Bouknight Wofford, .8 acres, Twilight Way, South Toe.
Sept. 22, 201, $68,000, Donny Laws to Jose Martin Garcia Chavez, lots 1,2 and 3, Block O, S.M. Bennett Addition, Burnsville.
Sept. 23, 2011, $110,000, the Anna Hickman Living Trust to Kevin and Jennifer Thomason, .364 acre, Long View Drive.
Sept. 27, 2011, $132,500, trustees of the John A. Bates Revocable Management Trust to Frank and Terry Mendicino, Lot 9A, Cattail Creek Mountain Farm,
Sept. 27, 2011, $465,000, Lawrence and Marsha Buckles and Kent and Valerie Forster to Grant and Sonya Goodman, .27 acres, lots 104, 105 and 106, Wolf Laurel Heights, 832 Flame Azalea Lane.
Sept. 28, 2011, $225,000, Daniel Matthew and Amanda Willis to Joseph P. III and Nadine Arnold, Lot 19, Chestnut Hill Estates,
Sept. 29, 2011, $10,000, Marilyn D, .Gibson to Nicolas and Lynn Grados, Lot 1-H, Mount Mitchell Acres, South Toe.
Sept. 29, 2011, $250,000, Daniel and Grace Allen to Darren and Tracy Edwards, 13.47 acres, Windy River Ridge Road, Crabtree township.
Sept. 29, 2011, $27,000, Brad and Miriam Erickson to Patricia Marshall, 1.878 acres, Lot 2, Little Celo Mountain, South Toe.
Sept. 29, 2011, $5,000, Bald Mountain Development Corporation to The Lodge at Blue Ridge Condominium Association, Lot 4, Bucktown Section, Wolf Laurel Heights.
Sept. 30, 2011, $2,475 ($1,237,500) M&M Yancey LP, dba M&M Yancey to Ingles Markets, 7.13 acres, property known as the Roses tract on U.S. 19E bypass (Sam Mishu, president M&M, Knox County Tenn) Burger King to Dogwood Lane, along the BiLo Rite-Aid tract and  Dogwood Lane to Evans Line and U.S. 19E bypass right of way.
Sept. 30, 2011, $$1,112,50) M&M Investments to Ingles Markets, 4,46 acres on Dogwood Lane.
Sept. 30, 2011, $225,000, Donald and Loyce Raber to Christopher Mencis, Unit 201, Building D, Camps in Creekside Condominiums.
Sept. 30, 2011, $75,000, Lloyd Silvers to Howard and J. Michelle Arnold, 2.65 acres, State Road 1144.
Oct. 3, 2011, $1,500, Henry and Betty Landsberger to Donald and Allison Hill, 2/35th interest in Unit II, Lot H, Alpine Village Condominium.
Oct. 4, 2011, $15,000, Edd and Carolyn Robinson to Julia Blevins, 1.739 acres, Snow Ridge Road, Crabtree.
Oct. 6, 2011, $177,500, William and Mary Ann Hendrick to Eric and Andrea Stem, lot 318, sections 7,8 and 9, Wolf Laurel Heights.
Oct. 7, 2011, $130, Robert and Sally Ann Hayes to Edward Dale Justus, lot 40, unit 1, Mount Mitchell Lands on South Toe River Road.
Oct. 7, 2011, $224, Deborah and Don Ford, Danny and Teresa Martin and Sandra Martin and William Martin to William and Dalila Martin, .45 acre, Longview Road, Burnsville.
Oct. 10, 2011, $50,000, Farrell and Anna Lou Hughes and F. Warren and Patti Hughes to Jared and Jessica Douglas, lot 11, Blackberry Ridge, Cane River.
Oct. 11, 2011, $290,000, Edward and Ulrike Poppeliers to John and Linda Powell, 9.8 acres NCSR 1416, Jacks Creek.
Oct. 14, 2011, $15,000, the Mary E. Howe Trust to Thomas Hood and Anne Sheridan, lot 329, Wolf Laurel Heights.
Oct. 14, 2011, $1,050, Deyton Bend Methodist Church, 339 Ollie Lane, Green Mountain,  to NC Department of Transportation, a parcel on Double Island Road.
Oct. 14, 2011, $1,250, Vivien Phillips to NC Department of Transportation, a parcel on Double Island Road in Brush Creek.
Oct. 14, 2011, $217,000, Mike and Donna Rose Dillard to Tarivell LLC, unit A-102, Camps at Creek Condominium, Mountain Air Country Club.
Oct. 14, 201, $95,000, Theresa Bentivegna to Thomas and Sheila Floyd, 2.39 acres, state road 1312, Brush Creek.
Oct. 14, 2011, $43,000, Sharon Hoppes, Phyllis McMahan and Virginia and Roger Miller to Jody A. Whitson, 7.25 acres on Arbuckle Road.
Oct. 14, 2011, $120,000, Wayne and Louis Wheeler to Michael and Anna McCart, Lot 6, Jacks Creek township.
Oct. 14, 2011, $455,000, Dale and Jill Austin to Oscar III and Amy Weinmeister, Lot 25, Chestnut Hill Estates.

These are the land sales with tax stamps filed with the register of deeds from Aug. 22 through Aug. Sept. 16. Values are estimated from the tax amount noted on the deed.

Aug. 22, 2011, $150,000, Susan Sanford to Katherine Bolte and Gina Paschall, two tracts of .72 acre and 1.45 acre, on Still Fork Creek.

Aug. 22, 2011, $60,000, Ada Tracy to Joshua and Kristi Hasting, 35 acres in Ramseytown Township.

Aug, 22, 2011, $470,000, John and Brandy Clark to James and Jeanette Pagano, Building A, Unit 2, Hemlock Bluff Villas Condominium, Mountain Air.

Aug. 23, 2011, $11,000, Ronald and Lynn Fondaw to Joseph and Catherine Balles, 2.5 acres lot 3 adn 4, Upper Crabtree Creek Cove subdivision.

Aug. 24, 2011, Aug. 24, 2011, $152,000, Jeremy and Donna Sink o Barbara Jean West, .886 acre in White Oak Acres subdivision,

Aug. 24, 2011, $185,000, Bald Creek Properties LLC to Y Not 7 LLC, 1.55 acre on Upper Haw Drive.

Aug. 25, 2011, $125,000, Woody and Gwen Deyton to IMMI LLC, 28 acres on N.C. 197N.

Aug 26, 2011, $25,000, Brent and Heather Ledford to Newdale Volunteer Fire Department, lot 2 and 3, Rivery Walk Subdivision.

Aug. 26, 2011, $11,500, Susan Hall to Fred and Della Goldsmith, 1.23 acre on Dandelion Lane off Possum Trot Road.

Aug. 26, 2011, $48,000, James Pate Jr. And Sharoln Pate to John Schuler Trust, 28.5 acres in Egypt township on Hughes Ridge.

Aug. 26, 2011, $25,000, Farrell and Anna Lou Hughes and F. Warren and Patti Hughes to Steven and Nancy Livaccari, lot 14, Blackberry Ridge subdivision.

Aug. 30, 2011, $173,000, Howard and Jacqueline Presnell to Jordan Hayes and Tommy and Marie Biddix, .49 acre on Colbert's Creek and 1.42 acre on NC road 1158.

Sept. 2, 2011, $503,000, TD Bank to Stephen and Susan Weinstock, .09 acre, Mountain Air.

Sept. 2, 2011, $80,000, Carrol and Mary McMahan to Jonathan Bainbridge and Ann Demertzis, .84 acre of Burleson Gap Road.

Sept. 6, 2011, $115,000, Elizabeth Golibart to Gerald Osterberg and Rosalie Rafter, 1.318 acre, State road 1170, South Toe.

Sept. 6, 2011, $170,000, Mountain Lifestyle Development Group to Robert and Barbara Sudbrink, lot 19, 1 acre at The Cove at Celo Mountain.

Sept. 7, 2011, $132,500, Palmetto Marketing of South Carolina to Bill and Brenda Sparks, 2.25 acres on Halls Chapel Road.

Sept. 9, 2011, $30,000, Bald Mountain Development Corp., to Wolf Laurel Country Club, lot 7 and 8, Buck Town Section, Wolf Laurel Heights.

Sept. 9, 2011, $149,000, Pamela Butler to Michael and Barbara Tunks, 3 acres, South Toe township.

Sept. 12, 2011, $110,000, Miles Roy and Jonquil Roy to Richard and Louise Loveland and Erin Krauss, Michael Hall and Kathy Arturo, 5.3 acres near Roses Branch Road.

Sept. 13, 2011, $125,000, Robert Blevins to Charles Blevins, 1.27 acre near Griffin Mine Road.

Sept. 13, 2011, $1,500, Henry and Betty Landsberger to Douglas and Brenda Hanke, 2/35 interest in Lot G, Unit I, Alpine Village Condominium.

Sept. 13, 2011, $39,000, Paul Buchanan to Antonio Jeronimo and Eduelia Ortiz, Lot 5B, Rice Road West Subdivision.

Sept. 15, 2011, $3,000, Javier and Lisbet Gorquis to Randy and Karen Webb, Lot 37, Section II, Horseshoe Highlands.

Sept. 16, 2011, $103,500, the estate of Martha Harrison to Aletta Martz, .53 acre on Pokemon Corner Drive, Celo.

Sept. 16, 2011, $30,000, Donna Shellooe to Donna Born, .86 acre on Spring Drive, Celo.

These are the land sales with tax stamps filed with the register of deeds from Aug. 1 through Aug. 19. Values are estimated from the tax amount noted on the deed.
Aug. 1, 2011, $55,500, Burnsville Investment Properties LLC to Frank Jerry Wilson and Betty Wilson, 11 acres in Pensacola on  N.C. 197.
Aug, 1, 2011, $21,000, Loretta and Wade South and Robert Hampton, to Howard Crosby Sr. And Sarah Jane Crosby, .6 acre in Crabtree Township.
Aug. 3, 2011, $40,000, Nell Whitson to Deborah Wilson, .78 acre off Jacks Creek Road.
Aug. 3, 2011, $384,000, John and Sallie Ransom to J and K Dochouse LLC, 2 South Main St., Burnsville, .147 acre. DB 169/419 – 495/583
Aug. 4, 2011, $1,000, Ethel McMahan to J.D. Young, a small parcel off Arbuckle Road.
Aug. 4, 2011, $650,000, Bank of Tennessee to David and Karen Hollister, unit 6, Spring Rock, MACC.
Aug. 4, 2011, $20,000, James and Dorothy Johnson to Eddie Lee and Pamela Johnson, 1/3rd interest in 10 acres in Brush Creek near the Toe River.
Aug. 8, 2011, $32,000, Ashley Hunter to Robert Mitchell, .172 acre in Burnsville DB 606/345.
Aug. 10, 2011, $27,500, 5.03 acres, Pensacola township, William Krywick to Thomas and Vickie Seymour.
Aug. 11, 2011, $49,500, 3 acres Prices Creek state road 1124, William and Linda Franklin to Oak Capital Trust.
Aug. 12, 2011, $40,000, Robert and Laura Dodd to James And Debra Crain, 15 acres in Can River township,
Aug. 12, 2011, $40,000, Ronnie Whitehead to Bradley and April Hill, .22 acre, on Jack Hollifield Road.
Aug. 12, 2011, $485,000, Lot 18, the Cove at Celo Mountain, Mountain Lifestyle Development Group Inc to Lars and Shannon Runquist.
Aug. 16, 2011, $75,000, John Reese Beaver to James and Cynthia Dunn and Robert and Marcia Whiting, ½ interest in 60 acres located on Toe River Road.
Aug, 16, 2011, $27,500, 2.23 acres at Mitchell View Road in Green Mountain township, Clinton Allen to Ralph and Mary Lunsford.
Aug. 17, 2011, $3,000, Jack and Maggie Atkins to Wayne Alan Atkins, one percent interest Rocky Fork Road, 4.21 acres and 7.01 acres.
Aug. 17, 2011, $156,000, Teresa Bryant to the Kenneth E and Anita D Buchholz Trust, Unit 1B, Unit I, Seven Pines Development.
Aug. 18, 2011, $40,000, Deborah Guglielmo to Trustees of the Brett Living Trust, a parcel of 2.5 acres on Tennis Court Road; two acres on Three Springs Road.
Aug. 18, 2011, $135,000, Dianne Ward to Willie Roy and Brenda Joyce Wilkes, Lot 14, Wolf Laurel Heights.
Aug. 19, 2011, $5,000, C.P. Chappell to Chemphar Inc, .a parcel of land on Gibbs Road in South Toe Township.

Land Transfers

These are the land sales filed with the register of deeds from July 9 through July 29. Values are estimated from the tax amount noted on the deed.

July 14, $51,000, Jeffrey Allman to Doyce and Louise McClure and Steve and Donna McClure, 1.67 acres on Bill Allen Branch Road.
July 15, $170,000, 3.66 acres, 7269 Highway 80 South. Verlyn Westall to Chempar, Inc.
July 18, $4,000, Regina Newell to Steve Williams. 10.54 acres plus 1.13 acre parcel.
July 18, $730,000, 355 Spring Rock Road. TD Bank to Rebecca Schmidt.
July 18, $300,000, Darrell Hensley and Rebecca Schmidt to Paul and Kelly Brookes, Lot 142, Unit two, Mountain Air Country Club.
July 20, $169,000, 2.1 acres on NC 197 South, Paul and Judith Ewing to Cathy Robertson. July 20, $433,000, Stokes and Pauline Austin and Johnny and Marvetta Banks to Tabaro Investments LLC. 105 acres in Cane River and 1 acre on Possum Trot.
July 21, $500, Joseph and Mary Robinson to Thomas and Pamela Cooper. 1/35 share of Lot G, Unit 2, Alpine Village Condos.
July 21, $20,000, Shirley Jones to Ricky McKinney, Lot 8, Rock Blvd, South Toe.
July 25, $14,000,  Billy Ray Bradford to Wayne Maynor, 1 acre in Crabtree on Cobblestone Drive.
July 25, $139,000, Daniel and Jeanne Toporek to William and Mona Danner. 3.15 acre on Scronce Creek Road.
July 25, $30,000, Shirley and Clay Bailey, Debbie Cooper, and Gary and Wanda Cooper to Gary and Wanda Cooper. 4 acres on Sampson Branch Road.
July 27, $52,000,Charles Carver to Thomas and Linda Pollard. Lot 190 Wolf Laurel Heights.
July 27, $10,000, Kay Canipe to Pamela Miller. 2 acres on Hampton Branch Road.
July 28, $349,500, John Hart and Jaden Smith to Paul and Carol Krueger, Lot 21 Bucktown section of Wolf Laurel Heights.
July 29, $1,000 Larry and Phyllis Silver to NCDOT Right of Way West on BearWallow Road.
July 29, $14,000, Mary Cornwell to Jason and Stephanie Berry, 1.61 acres Toehold Farm, South Toe.
July 29, $155,000, Lot 8 River Run Estates, Heirs of Nell Hensley to Micaville Presbyterian Church.
July 29, $350,000, Amick’s Rock LLC to Ann Hawthorne, 37.66  5.93  5.93 on Guilder’s Creek. 

These are the land sales filed with the register of deeds from June 29 to July 8. The value is calculated from the tax stamp, whch records $2 per $1,000 value.

June 29, $82,000, TD Bank to Woody and Gwen Deyton, 28.05 acres, on the North Toe River and NC 197
June 30, $350,000, Martin and Barbara Webster to Stephen Dwyer, 30,39 acres in Cane River on state road 1393.
July 1, $600,000, D. Ralph and Linda Huff to James and Debra Smith and George and Ann Rose, Lot 11, Boulder Pass Two, MACC.
July 1, $200,000, Donald and Elizabeth Westall to Patricia Palmer and Stephen Wynn 1.05 acres on Rhododendron Park Road, South Toe.
July 1, $100,000, the estate of Lena Mae McCurry to Christine and J.B. Wilson, Lot 1, Banks Peterson subdivision, state road 1971.
July 1, $850,000, Kevin Dellinger to Four Jacks LLC, one tract of 135 acres, one tract of 4.5 acres, a tract of 120 acres, known as the Dellinger Homeplace on NC 197S.
July 1, $225,000, Charles Dellinger to Four Jacks LLC, parts of the estate of Grover Dellinger 4.5, 3.05, 1.38, 10, 20, 2, 18, the Dellinger Homeplace on NC 197S.
July 1, $225,000, Four Jacks LLC to Charles Randall Dellinger, ½ interest in land south of U.S. 19 east of Burnsville.
July 5, $99,000, Mae Kirkpatrick to Luke Wilson and Tonya Boone, 0.16 acre on Orchard Street.
July 6, $155,000, John and Katie Lewis to Jeremiah and Debora Miller, 2.25 acre on NC state road 1308, Crabtree.
July 6, $75,000, James Buckner to Robert and Alma Ball, 0.314 acre parcel on 19E in Cane River township.
July 7,  $16,000 Pat and Carolyn Hensley to James and Brenda Lee, 3.17 acre parcel on NCSR 1109.

These are the land transactions with tax stamps that were recorded at the Yancey County Register of Deeds office from June 1 to June 24. The value is calculated from the tax stamp, whch records $2 per $1,000 value.

June 1, $24,000, Four Jacks LLC to Mitchell-Yancey Habitat for Humanity, .761 acre, Pine Swamp Road.
June 1, $86,000, Mitchell-Yancey Habitat for Humanity to John and Stephanie Willis, .761 acre, Pine Swamp Road.
June 1, $125,000, Ronnie Whitehead to Bryan Hill, 5.3 acres, NC state road 1184.
June 2, $75,000, Katherine Barnhill to Richard Johnson - Johnson Seperate Property Revocable Declaration of Trust, 1.02 acres, Halls Chapel Woods.
June 3, $10,000, Roger & Karen Carver to David & Staci Bruce, .5 acre on Lickskillet Road.
June 3, $5,000, Pansey Hensley to Max & Crystal Fox, .813 acre, Jack’s Creek.
June 3, $100,000, William & Phyllis Hammaker to matthew & Dawn Sechevich, 2.39 acres, Price’s Creek.
June 6, $80,000, TD Bank to Lunate 66 LLC, 300 Creekside Drive, #B102, Mountain Air.
June 6, $134,000, Robin & Cathy Wolfe to Wells Fargo Bank, Lot 32, Unit 1, Mountain Air Country Club.
June 7, $300,000, Jack & Gayla Ashford to Phillip & Annette Tate, Lot 5, .97 acre, Village Green Subdivision.
June 8, $187,000, Carolina First Trust Bank to Julie Ibrahim, 153 Grinnin Sun, Mountain Air Country Club.
June 10, $69,000, RBC Bank to Vernon & Bonnie Jones, Bldg. D, Unit 102, Camps at Creekside Condominiums.
June 10, $55,000, William & Judith Kohler to John & Bernadette Page, 4.53 acres and 4.58 acres, Cane River Township.
June 14, $225,000, Wells Fargo Bank to A&G NC, LLC, unit 2, Lookout Peak Phase one.
June 14, $174,500, hugh Buckner to Terry & Emily Switzer, .79 acre, Lot 8, Laurel Spring Heights.
June 14, $45,000, David Henderson & Ronald Curran to Anthony Mayer, 3 acres, White Oak Creek Road.
June 14, $154,000, Angelo & Angela Accetturo to Larry Ballard, 3.26 acres, 56 Troxell Drive.
June 15, $5,000, Charles & Judy Banks to Donakd Ricard Banks, 4.61 acres, Price’s Creek.
June 15, $125,000, SECU to Billy & Karen Higgins, 1.78 acres & .64 acre, Wyatt Town Road.
June 16, $150,000, Rhonda & Styephen Hughes to Joe & Connie Powell, Lot 2, Mountain View Acres, Three Quarter Creek Road.
June 17, $125,000, Charles Blevins to Robert Blevins, 1.270 acre, Griffin Mine Road.
June 17, $90,000. C.C. and Ora Lee Canipe to Laura Ewing-Watrous & Brett Watrous, three lots in Sunrise Village Subdivision totaling 3.12 acres.
June 20, $49,500, Carolina First Bank to Delbert Archer Whitaker Family Trust, lot 24, Heritage Ridge Road.
June 20, $48,000, TD Bank to Chris & Melody Bryant, Lot 155, Rocky Knob.
June 20, $185,000, Ante & Sheri Vrankovic to Thomas & Sheila Floyd, 19.32 acres, NC state road 1312.
June 21, $1,500, Bernard & Dana Ballard to James & Janet Slusser, 1/35th interest in Lot E, Unit II, Alpine Village Condominiums.
June 21, $109,000, Deutsche Bank Trust to  Mildred Swalinski, one acre, Toodie’s Creek Road.
June 22, $30,000, John & Denise Young to Taboro Investments LLC, 1/3 share of 7.322 acres, Whittington Bottom.
June 22, $1,500, Bryant Lucas to Jack and Janet Grindstaff, .397 acre, Bowditch Mill Road.
June 22, $49,000, James & Carolyn Young to David & Geraldine Young, .754 acre and .725 acre, Champ Ray Road.
June 24, $277,500, Michael Douglas & Catherine Benoist to Mayo & Becky Kosling, Unit 2, Bld. C, Club Villa Condominiums.
June 24, $338,500, Bank of New York to Nicole Einhorn, .090 acre, Ivy Ridge, Mountain Air Country Club.
.June 24, $30,000, Jeffrey & Patricia Cooper to Leon & Linda Newman, Lot 72, Ogle Meadows.
June 24, $37,500, William & Opal Garland to Robert & Annette Robinson, 7.514 acres on N.C. 197.

These are the land transfers recorded at the Yancey County Register of Deeds office from May 13 to 31. The value is estimated from the tax stamp, which records $2 per $1,000 value.
May 11, $21,000, Ronald and Judy Autrey to Donna Knudsen, 1.49 acre on Snow Hill Drive.
May 13, $39,000, Randy and Teresa Fox to Kevin and Delilah Holcombe, .45 acre on Ed Young Road.
May 13, $12,500, The James and Mabel Campbell Family Trust to Christina Hoina, .5 acre in S. Toe.
May 13, $360,000, Coy and Etta Blevins to Stephan and Teresa Brandt, Unit 2, Building D, Hemlock Bluff Villas Condominium, Mountain Air Country Club.
May 13, $23,500, Patricia and Forrest Dillon to Samuel and Vernell Evans, .832 acre.
May 16, $15,000, Farrell and Anna Hughes to F. Warren and Patti Hughes, Lot 18, Possom Trot Mountain.
May 18, $695,000, Bank of Tennessee to Thomas and Barbara Waits of Newburgh, Tn., Unit 4 of Spring Rock, Mountain Air Country Club.
May 19, $35,000, Sherrie and David Hopson to Ronda and Nancy Westall, .51 acre, 107 Shephard Way.
May 20, $195,000, Richard and Helene Wineberg to Martin Anderson and Isabel Soler, South Toe, 4 acres, Dovers Branch.
May 20, $135,000, Estate of Robert Higgins Jr. and Catherine Higgins, Executrix, to Werner and Rose Marie Mihal, 30 acres, Egypt Township, Holloway Branch.
May 23, $6,000, Rhonda Peterson to Don and Toni Jobin, .072 acre, Tax parcel 070900583250.000.
May 25, $439,000, Joel and JoAnn Rigter to John Albert, Lot 64 of Overlook Village at Blue Mountain.
May 25, $500, Chad Sunoken and Britt Kaufmann to Bonnie and Jocelyn Silvers, .41 acre in Jacks Creek.
May 26, $5,000, PonteVedra Presbyterian Church to Fredrick and Patricia Brock to Theodore and Ann Cottonginn, Lot 51, BuckTown section of Wolf Laurel Heights.
May 27, $130,000, 1.3 acres Crabtree Township, Double Island Road, Jeralyn and James Ray, Karen and Larry Shepherd, Brenda and Phillip Pate, Linda and Charles Laws to Thomas and Crystal Good.
May 31, $1,000, Harold and Celia Phillips to Laurel Pate, Lot 76, Buck Town section, Wolf Laurel Heights.
May 31, $265,000, Blue Sun Enterprises to Edward and Lucille Matthews, Lot 11, Mountain Laurel Estates.
May 31, $24,500, Edward and Barbara Hill to Leonard and Linda Dembiex, Lot 3, Woodville Hill Estates, South Toe.
May 31, $250,000, Jack Robert Michaels Jr Revocable Trust to T. Russell and Brandy Fox, .88 acres, Byrd Street.